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Bulk Stone and Gravel

Landscapers across North Maryland come to Wirtz & Daughters with all their bulk stone for landscaping needs. Whether your project is big or small, we carry a wide variety of stones, with options in several sizes, shapes, and colors, including river rock, white stone, pea gravel, brownstone, travertine, bluestone, marble and more!

Browse Wirtz & Daughters for a broad assortment of natural and decorative stone today, and start improving your outdoor projects!

Wirtz and Daughters sells a wide assortment of natural, decorative stone for any of your outdoor projects. Please note that stones are graded based on the size screen they go through, not the actual measurement of the stone. All stones are natural. Colors may vary each load.

Delivery Surcharges are based on zipcode.  All deliveries require a 3 ton minimum.

Gray stone for landscaping

#57 Stone Gray

  • $49.75/ton Picked-Up
  • $55.75/ton + Delivery Charge
White stone for landscaping

#57 Stone White

  • $57.50/ton Picked-Up
  • $63.50/ton + Delivery Charge
Brown pebble stone for landscaping

#57 Stone Red

  • $69/ton Picked-Up
  • $75/ton + Delivery Charge
#8 stone for landscaping

#8 Stone Grey

  • $57.25/ton Picked-Up
  • $63.25/ton + Delivery Charge
Cr-6 stone for landscaping


  • $43/ton Picked-Up
  • $49/ton + Delivery Charge (recommended 4-6″ for paver base)
Gabion white stone for landscaping

Gabion White

  • $70/ton Picked-Up
  • $76/ton + Delivery Charge
White Stone for bulk orders

Rip Rap White

  • $70/ton Picked-Up
  • $76/ton + Delivery Charge
2 inch stone gravel for landscaping

#2 Stone Grey

  • $51.25/ton Picked-Up
  • $57.25/ton + Delivery Charge
Pea gravel for landscaping

Pea Gravel

  • $68/ton Picked-Up
  • $74/ton + Delivery Charge
3/4 inch gravel for landscaping

3/4″ Gravel

  • $68/ton Picked-Up
  • $74/ton + Delivery Charge
1 to 3 inch gravel for landscaping

1″ – 3″ Gravel

  • $77/ton Picked-Up
  • $83/ton + Delivery Charge1
Small river round rocks

River Rounds Small​

  • $93.00/ton Picked-Up
  • $99.00/ton + Delivery Charge
Medium sized river rock

River Rounds Medium

  • $114.00/ton Picked-Up
  • $120.00/ton + Delivery Charge
large river rock stone

River Rounds Large

  • $114.00/ton Picked-Up
  • $120.00/ton + Delivery Charge

Landscaping Stone Pricing and Delivery

Our delivery fees start at $100 per load, with a 3-yard/ton minimum on all delivery orders. Additional pricing is then based on a per-yard delivery fee, with prices varying depending on where each load will be delivered to and subject to a surcharge based on the zip code they will be delivered.

Deliveries in certain areas may not be available during peak season or subject to Monday through Thursdays only.

Wirtz & Daughters is Northern Maryland’s #1 choice for commercial-grade landscape supply, with more than # types of landscape stones, hardscapes, and other landscape materials at your disposal!

View delivery charge rates and schedules based on destination.

How much landscape stone will I need for my upcoming project?

Depending on the surface, your preference for aesthetics, and just how much of the ground you actually want to cover, you may find that just an inch of natural stone will be enough to finish the job. Areas with a dryer, flatter surface, for example, may call for a minimal 1-inch layer. But in areas that are prone to flooding or extreme moisture, you may find 6 inches of stone is much closer to what you’ll need — especially if stones are absorbed into the ground.

How much will a cubic yard or one-ton cover?

If you’d like to calculate how much landscaping stone you’ll need to purchase in advance, use the figures below to estimate the number of cubic yards you’ll need based on square feet. We can deliver up to 10 pallets per truckload.

1 Cubic Yard will Cover…
1 Inch Thick = 324 Square Feet
2 Inches Thick = 162 Square Feet
3 Inches Thick = 108 Square Feet
4 Inches Thick = 81 Square Feet
5 Inches Thick = 65 Square Feet
6 Inches Thick = 54 Square Feet

1 Cubic Ton will Cover…
1 Inch Thick = 216 Square Feet
2 Inches Thick = 108 Square Feet
3 Inches Thick = 72 Square Feet
4 Inches Thick = 54 Square Feet
5 Inches Thick = 43.3 Square Feet
6 Inches Thick = 36 Square Feet

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