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Discover the many benefits of mulch products in your landscapes and gardens, with our incredible assortment of premium and recycled mulch supplies. 

Mulch, as an essential element in any landscaping project, provides a long range of benefits to landscapes across the world. With properties such as moisture retention, weed control, and temperature regulation for plants, it’s no wonder mulch is so in demand. It can also be used as a beautiful, low-maintenance ground cover to prevent erosion in organic and sustainable environments. Choose from high-quality mulch products, including organic mulch, colored mulch, playground mulch, and more. 

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Dyed Mulch Products

At Wirtz & Daughters, we do our very best to serve you in every way that we can. For years, we’ve been the area’s top choice for landscape and hardscape supplies with premium and recycled mulch products at the top of that list!

Our mulch products come in both bags and bulk. And while we might occasionally suggest bagged mulch for small area projects, you’ll find the best value in buying your mulch in bulk, with an entire inventory of black mulch, rubber mulch, and even black mulch at your disposal. 

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Check out our inventory below and find out just how many different options are actually available!

Ever Black Mulch


$34.00/yd Picked-Up
$39.00/yd + Delivery Charge
$22.00 per half yard

Ever Brown Mulch


$34.00/yd Picked-Up
$39.00/yd + Delivery Charge
$22.00 per half yard

Ever Red


$36.00/yd Picked-Up
$42.00/yd + Delivery Charge
$23.00 per half yard

Natural Mulch

Natural Shredded Hardwood

$29.00/yd Picked-Up
$34.00/yd + Delivery Charge
$19.50 per half yard

Rubber Mulch

As a proud distributor of Playsafer™ Rubber Mulch, we’re also honored to contribute to the health, safety, and early childhood development of hundreds, if not thousands, of children across Northern Maryland and the Greater Baltimore Area. From imagination to innovation, we strongly believe that playtime is the best time to learn, adapt, and develop the most critical skills we’ll use through adulthood. 

With every jump, skip, and hop, you can expect a few falls. And thanks to Playsafer™ Rubber Mulch, there will be fewer “boo-boos” as we raise the next generation of risk-takers to take on the torch! 

Playsafer™ Rubber Mulch is an exceptional playground surface, providing unmatched shock absorbency while greatly reducing the incidence of playground injuries. Playsafer™ Rubber Mulch is available in an assortment of lively colors to perfectly accent the décor of any playground and its surroundings.

Playsafer™ Rubber Mulch is available with several colors of this premium rubber mulch supply available in 1-ton and 1/2-ton bags. One ton of Playsafer™ equates to 2.85 cubic yards of cover. Likewise, a half-ton of Playsafer™ material will cover 1.43 cubic yards.

With Playsafer™ Rubber Mulch, play yards will never be the same. Cover play yards and play areas today with mulch at bulk prices.

Basic Black Mulch

$445.24 / 1 Ton
$244.45 / 1/2 Ton

Terra Cotta Mulch

$742.07 / 1 Ton
$392.86 / 1/2 Ton

Royal Blue Mulch

$742.07 / 1 Ton
$392.86 / 1/2 Ton

Brown Mulch

$742.07 / 1 Ton
$392.86 / 1/2 Ton

Landscaping Mulch Pricing and Delivery

The DELIVERED PER YARD PRICE INCLUDES….the product and delivery (in selected areas only),

Check to see delivery charge rates.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, not at all. While there are some mulch products out there that may cause harm to the environment. The mulch and dye that we use are 100% environmentally friendly. On top of that, Amerimulch® colorants (dyes) deliver outstanding performance season after season and year after year — meaning your mulch isn’t likely to become dingy or need to be replaced for quite a while. For more information on the exact science behind this, please see ChromaScape’s Amerimulch® website for more information on their premium mulch colorants.

All of our dyed mulches are produced by recycling doubled-shredded hardwood (giving the same decomposed nutrients as the natural mulches), which allows it to hold more color. Our red-dyed mulch, however, is made from pallet wood which allows the vibrant red color to stand out from season to season.

Dyed mulch is made with special colorants so that it can hold the color much longer. Natural mulches, on the other hand, tend to fade much quicker. While dyed mulch can make any flower bed stand out, natural mulch is an all-organic alternative if sustainability is your target. Mix and match contrasting materials for the ultimate eye candy!

Wirtz & Daughters offers both mulch recycling (White Marsh) and premium mulch supply (Joppa) on location. Stop in today!

Mulch does not attract termites — period. This is a common myth and misunderstanding in our world today.

No kind of mulch attracts termites. In fact, termites need at least a 2”x 4” piece of wood to live in. Mulch is just not good enough for them. For every acre of land, it’s estimated that thousands of colonies of termites live nearby. It’s not the mulch that causes them. But it can attract the predators that feed on them!

Rest easy tonight, knowing that termites will not come to bite!

People who regularly buy mulch supplies often question whether they should go with bagged mulch versus bulk. But, if you ever need a medium-to-large mulch supply, it’s highly suggested to buy in bulk for no other reason than it’s more value for the money. 

There are times, however, when a bag or two of mulch may be a better option — like when giving mulch a touch-up, or you have a small job to do. Of course, seeing bags of mulch on sale would be another reason. 

Premium mulch is our specialty. Shop landscape mulch supplies at Wirtz & Daughters today!

1 Cubic Yard will Cover…
1 Inch Thick = 324 Square Feet
2 Inches Thick = 162 Square Feet
3 Inches Thick = 108 Square Feet
4 Inches Thick = 81 Square Feet
5 Inches Thick = 65 Square Feet
6 Inches Thick = 54 Square Feet

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