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Our premium bulk soil is perfect for all your landscaping needs. We provide a high-quality mix of nutrient-rich topsoil, compost, and sand that has been carefully formulated to promote healthy plant growth. Our soil is screened to ensure a consistent texture, free from stones and debris.

Our bulk soil is suitable for a wide range of applications, including lawn and garden beds, trees and shrubs, and flower beds. Whether you are a professional landscaper or a gardening enthusiast, our soil will provide the foundation for a thriving landscape.

Ordering from us is easy, and we offer convenient delivery options to ensure that your soil arrives when you need it. With our commitment to quality, you can trust that you are getting the best bulk soil for your project.

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Outdoor mushroom soil on the ground


$38.00/yrd Picked-Up
$43.00/yrd + Delivery Charge
$24.00 per half yard

Organic soil for gardening

Muchroom Soil

$35.00/yrd Picked-Up
$40.00/yrd + Delivery Charge
$22.50 per half yard

Wylie Blend soil for gardening

Leaf Compost

$35.00/yrd Picked-Up
$40.00/yrd + Delivery Charge
$22.50 per half yard

Enriched Topsoil on the ground for landscaping

Enriched Top Soil

$48.00/yrd Picked-Up
$53.00/yrd + Delivery Charge
$29 per half yard

Grass growing in Compost-Enriched Topsoil

Enriched Topsoil applications:

Turf Seeding or Sodding: Enriched Topsoil provides a great foundation for your new landscape. Whether you’re building a new lawn, berm, shaping a swale, grading a lawn area, or just sprucing up a worn area of your lawn, Enriched Topsoil is great for both starting seed or laying sod.

Flower & Vegetable Gardens: Enriched Topsoil comes ready to go, no additives necessary. Scarify your subgrade, build and shape your growing areas, and then plant directly into the soil.

Trees and Shrubs: When planting trees and shrubs, it is important to create a planting environment where the roots can quickly and easily establish and grow. Planting directly into Enriched Topsoil or using it as a backfill mixed with the soil dug out for the root ball are both good options. Enriched Topsoil will provide moisture holding capacity and nutrients essential for the delicate transplanting and establishment process.

Learn more about Enriched Soil here.

Enriched Topsoil is a blend of STA Certified Premium Compost and local native soil with a rich dark brown color, is screened to 1/2″ and is a fine textured loam to sandy loam soil classification. The mix ratio yields a neutral pH and an average organic matter content of 4-5% by weight. The loam texture and organic matter combine to create good aggregation, promoting ideal moisture holding capacity while the porosity allows for excess moisture to percolate through. This strong soil matrix also promotes deep rooting and resistance to compaction. Enriched Topsoil provides most all plant nutrient requirements and beneficial soil biology for healthy disease resistance for all your landscaping, turf and garden needs.

Enriched Topsoil is a blend of native soil and STA-Certified Premium Compost, which provides organic matter, nutrients and the biology necessary to grow healthy turf and plants. The Premium Compost also helps retain water, while also providing structure and pore space for oxygen and water to reach plant roots.

STA Certified Compost:

Enriched Topsoil contains STA Certified Premium Compost. LVS is one of only a few compost manufacturers in the region that produces STA Certified Compost. It is definitely an advantage over other brands as this compost is tested quarterly. 

Here is more info on the STA program from the US Composting Council: 

Pricing and Delivery

The DELIVERED PER YARD PRICE INCLUDES….the product and delivery (in selected areas only),

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1 Cubic Yard will Cover…
1 Inch Thick = 324 Square Feet
2 Inches Thick = 162 Square Feet
3 Inches Thick = 108 Square Feet
4 Inches Thick = 81 Square Feet
5 Inches Thick = 65 Square Feet
6 Inches Thick = 54 Square Feet

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