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Make Wirtz and Daughters your personal natural stone supplier with a large selection of landscape stone and building materials, expert guidance, and hassle-free deliveries from our stone yard to yours.

Browse our selection of natural landscaping stone, also known as geological stone or rock, and discover the true beauty of natural stone landscaping in your landscapes and gardens. Dig into our inventory of natural stone products. We have everything from pavers to stepping stones to natural wall cladding and more.

Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a DIY homeowner, we have the natural stone products you need to create a world of beauty in your own backyard!

Get “rocking” with our selection of stone supply today.

Natural Stone Landscaping Products

From flagstone to garden stones, edging can make or break a fabulous landscape. Our stones are expertly sourced natural stones from Maryland quarries. Whether you’re looking for granite landscape stone, decorative landscaping stone, large river rocks, marble chips, or different types of stone slabs for landscaping, our commitment to quality and variety extends to bringing all your landscaping stone ideas to life.

We carry a wide selection of quality natural stone landscaping products. These products include assorted wall stone, natural stone, natural cut sandstone steps, building stone, flagstone rock, and much, much more. Stop in to see the impressive inventory we have in stock, pick out your own pallet, and take it with you — or let us deliver it to the job site directly!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t just jump on the first “natural stone for sale.” Natural stone is a great choice for anyone who wants a beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance material to showcase as a focal point in their landscape. It will last forever — but it’s not for everybody. When it comes to natural landscaping stones, projects may actually do better when the stone is “cultured,” or manufactured.

The choice between natural and manufactured stone depends on the specific needs and vision of your project. But the choice between natural and manufactured stone depends on factors like design, strength, permeance, aesthetics, long-term value, budget, and, of course, personal preference.

While manufactured stone is often lighter than natural and allows for more design flexibility,  it can fade over time and requires more delicate care. Natural stone, unless otherwise altered, will always look the same and maintain permanent qualities. Because every stone is unique, you’ll never have to worry about finding the same “pattern” once manufacturing of this pattern has stopped and you need a replacement.

We carry both.

Here are some reasons why people prefer natural stone vs. manufactured stone:



Natural Stone

Manufactured Stone

Cost and Availability

Readily available but may seem costly upfront.

More affordable initially, but can become more expensive based on rarity — especially if the product becomes discontinued.

Longevity and Strength

Very durable. Renowned for longevity and maintaining quality, needs replaced less often. 

Less durable. Tends to fade and is less durable than natural stone.


Unique. Authentic rocks and stones with individual traits and characteristics.

Uniform. Artificially produced with a more repetitive appearance.


Requires less maintenance in the long run, with stones that may need to be swapped out on occasion 

Prone to fading and maintenance issues. Everything may need to be replaced at once, especially in the case of limited production and discontinued materials.

Selection and Flexibility

Natural. Limited selection, harder to manipulate

Manmade. Broader selection, easier to mold

Environmental impact

Can be environmentally friendly

Not as environmentally friendly

Why people prefer this type of stone

Natural beauty, durability, and uniqueness

Low maintenance, price, and uniformity

From ancient monuments to natural wonders, the choice of stone plays a vital role in shaping our architectural and geological world. Each type of stone has its unique properties and applications, contributing to the magnificence and beauty of the structures and landscapes they form.

The different types of stones used provide immortality to their structures, and each stone with a wide range of uses, benefits, and advantages that it can provide when incorporated into a landscape or garden:

Type of Landscape Stone


– One of the hardest natural stones

– Known for its strength, durability, and resilience

– Comes in various colors, including black, pink, gray, and red,

– Perfect for pathways, patios, monuments, and retaining walls 

– Can withstand heavy foot traffic and adverse weather conditions

– Comes in various colors with a number of options that can complement the overall landscape design


– Metamorphic rock formed from limestone

– Known for its distinctive veining

– Adds sophistication and luxury

– Used for ornate sculptures, architecture, elaborate garden fountains, and other decorative elements

– Adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to the landscape with its unique veining

– Incorporate for distinct patterns and colors, creating a sense of regalness in the garden


– Sedimentary rock

– Known for its workability and unique textures, adding character to buildings and landscapes

– Adds character and warmth

– Used in construction and is ideal for creating textured walkways, garden walls, and decorative elements

– Unique textures add character and warmth to the landscape


– Fine-grained texture and durability

– Often used in roofing and flooring

– Known for the time-honored and elegant look 

– Excellent for patio flooring, garden paths, and roofing

– Incorporate for a touch of sophistication and a sleek yet modern aesthetic


– Volcanic rock, formed from solidified lava

– Valued for dark color and durability

– Frequently used in landscaping

– Used to create pathways, walls, and decorative features

– Sturdy and low-maintenance 

Incorporate for dark hues that contrast beautifully with greenery and flowers, adding a sense of depth and drama to the garden


– Sedimentary rock, may contain marine fossils

– Warm and earthy tones, versatile stone for various applications

– Used for garden edging, stepping stones, and decorative accents

– Incorporate for warm and earthy tones and to  create a rustic and natural look while contributing to a peaceful and welcoming landscape


– Volcanic rock, relatively easy to carve

– Suitable for decorative elements, inscriptions, and artwork

– Used for decorative elements, inscriptions, and artwork

– Excellent choice for creating custom garden sculptures or signage

– Incorporate to add and showcase intricate details to the landscape


– Foliated metamorphic rock, split into thin, flat pieces

– Used in various applications, versatile, adds depth and texture

– Used for building walls, pathways, and other stone structures

– Incorporate to add depth and texture to the landscape, creating interesting views with sharp contrasts


– Uniform and durable

– Timeless appeal, structured look

– Used in decorative garden landscaping, excellent for creating garden walls, pathways, and even outdoor fireplaces

– Uniform, durable

– Incorporate for a classic, structured, and organized look, enhancing the sense of order and design


– Believed to be various igneous and volcanic rocks, including dolerite, spotted dolerite, and rhyolite

– Known for natural bluish or grayish in their interior when freshly broken

– Popular for creating garden paths, patios, and informal seating areas

– Used to add a touch of rustic charm to the landscape

– Incorporate for a relaxed yet informal atmosphere, a casual yet inviting garden setting

Sarsen Stones

– Massive sandstone blocks, often used in ancient structures

– Known for durability and historical significance in architecture

– Popular in modern garden design

– Used to create captivating focal points in the garden

– Incorporate for a visually striking and functional outdoor space

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