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Wirtz and Daughters sells dyed mulch and natural mulch.  Our high quality mulch will protect and beautify your new or existing landscape.

How much will a cubic yard cover?  Also be sure to view the Frequently Asked Questions.

Delivery Surcharges are based on zipcode.  All deliveries requre a 3 yard minimum.
Dyed mulches require 6 - 24 hours of sun dying time before they become permanent.  The colors in the picture my vary.
Dyed Mulch
$32.00/yd Picked-Up
$37.00/yd + Delivery Charge
$21.00 per half yard




Dyed Mulch
$32.00/yd Picked-Up
$37.00/yd + Delivery Charge
$21.00 per half yard
Dyed Mulch
$32.50/yd Picked-Up
$37.50/yd + Delivery Charge
$21.50 per half yard

Natural Mulch

Natural Shredded Hardwood
$27.00/yd Picked-Up
$32.00/yd + Delivery Charge
$18.50 per half yard

Mulch & Soil

1 Cubic Yard will Cover...
1 Inch Thick
324 Square Feet
2 Inches Thick
162 Square Feet
3 Inches Thick
108 Square Feet
4 Inches Thick
81 Square Feet
6 Inches Thick
54 Square Feet

Frequently Asked Questions

$31.50/yrd Picked-Up
$36.50/yrd + Delivery Charge
$21.00 per half yard


$26.50/yrd Picked-Up
$31.50/yrd + Delivery Charge
$18.50 per half yard
$42.50/yrd Picked-Up
$47.50/yrd + Delivery Charge
$26.50 per half yard
Compost or Mushroom Soil
Enriched Top Soil

Pricing & Delivery

The DELIVERED PER YARD PRICE INCLUDES....the product and delivery (in selected areas only), here are the Check to see what your delivery charge would be.

1. Is the dye from the mulch harmful to plants or animals?
No. The mulch and the dye is 100% environment friendly.  For more information please see AMERIMULCH.

2. What type of wood is the dyed mulch made from?
All of our dyed mulches are doubled shredded hardwood (giving the same decomposed nutrients as the natural mulches), with the exception of the red dyed mulch.  That is made from pallet wood allowing the red color to stand out.

3. What are the advantages of using dyed mulch versus natural?
The dyed mulch holds it color longer, as the natural mulches fade much quicker.  Dyed mulch makes any flower bed stand out.

4. Does the dyed mulch attract termites?
No kind of mulch attracts termites.  Every acre has so many thousands of colonies of termites.  It is not the mulch that causes them.  Termites need at least 2"X4" piece of wood to live in.  The mulch is not good enough for them.
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