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Integral Lighting

Wirtz and Daughters carries Integral under the cap lights. These fixtures are available in Xenon and LED. Available in a variety of colors. Integral under the cap lights will light up your landscape, so you may enjoy the night. Stop in to see the fixtures first hand.
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Landscape Supply
Under the Cap Lighting
IL600.XXX.550 LED
Our State of the Art LED produces dramatic effects with the look and feel of incandescent lighting. The IL600 Series emits 2400K light using a single watt of low voltage power.  Check-out our online store for more details.
Our hardscape lighting solution equipped with state of the art dual LED's saves energy with low power consumption. Ideal for use on wider steps and perfect for lighting column installations.  Check-out our online store for more details.
Under the Cap Lighting
IL18.XXX.500 LED
Under the Cap Lighting
IL18.XXX Xenon
Identical in form and function of the original IL6, the IL18 offers uncompromised quality, versatility and ease-of-installation.   Check-out our online store for more details.

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